Wednesday, June 30, 2010

May be time to quit...

...not sure anyone gets me!

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"IEDs In the USA?"

By Mike Baker

"If you start with the proposition that the enemy (for sake of discussion enemy = Muslim extremists) yearns to kill infidels whenever possible, then the announcement that they may attempt to use IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) on our home turf is disturbing but hardly surprising.

The Times Square attempted bombing was, in a broad sense, an IED. Richard Reid's shoe bomb? Same thing. The underoos worn by the Christmas Day moron? IED. The endless news stories of IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan have conditioned many back home to think that "IED" stands for "a bomb planted in the road targeting military convoys."

In reality, any explosive device disguised or hidden with the intent of killing infidels qualifies. --When it comes to getting all blown up it doesn't pay to get all technical with definitions."

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"El Paso City Hall Struck By Bullets; Gunshots Believed To Have Come From Juarez"

"El Paso, TX -- El Paso Police officials say stray gunfire from a deadly attack in Juarez may have been the cause of the City Hall building in Downtown El Paso being hit by seven gunshots at about 5 p.m. Tuesday.

One of those gunshots pierced through a ninth floor window of the office of Assistant City Manager Pat Adauto. The north and south stucco walls of City Hall were struck by an additional six rounds at varying heights on the walls.

No one was injured by any of the bullets. Police said El Paso City Hall does not appear to be the specific target of these rounds."

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oOps! A Giant salt leak, 'BUSh did it!'

"A bulldozer moves salt at Rio Tinto's Dampier Salt facility in Port Hedland, about 1,600 km (960 miles) north of Perth, Australia."

Picture: REUTERS

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"Blaming Bush For Oil Spill"

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Earl Pitts, 'wipeout'


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