Friday, October 31, 2008

Makes me want to take a stroll

Nudist voting?

Florida nudists want clothing-optional polling site

By The Associated Press

LAND O' LAKES, Fla. (AP) - A nudist community on Florida's west coast wants to be allowed a clothing-optional polling site.

The Caliente Resorts, located in Pasco County north of Tampa, has approached election officials about the idea.

Nothing in state law would prohibit it, but the supervisor of elections says he is opposed to creating any new precincts before redistricting in 2010.

(Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)


Is Obama Really Using Hypnosis Techniques?

Is he man, or is he God, someone ask Obama. Gianna Responds ad

A U.S. Army soldier competing in the "Best Warrior" competition participates in a night fire exercise at Fort Lee, Va., Oct. 2, 2008. Twenty-four of the Army's finest warriors representing 12 commands from across the Army gathered at Fort Lee, Va., Sept. 29 to Oct. 3, 2008, to compete in the competition which names the Army's soldier and noncommissioned officer of the year. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Tom Steber .


May have got Sarah Palin right, but Obama only knows how to throw a subpoena!

That Manchurian Business

The big picture

John Murtha cuts and runs

Hard to believe this guy was ever a marine

Checkpoint Children

Iraqi boys holding handbills smile and wave at Iraqi National Police and U.S. Soldiers at a traffic checkpoint, in Beladiyat, eastern Baghdad,on Oct. 24, 2008. Photo by Staff Sgt. James Selesnick.

Boy Toting Obama Sign Zapped During Attempted Sign Switch

Typical libs, teaching a youngster to steal

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) - Shawn Turschak of Chapel Hill was tired of someone stealing McCain-Palin campaign signs from his yard. Turschak, with a degree in electrical engineering, hooked up a third sign to a power source for an electric pet fence Monday and also put up a surveillance camera.
The News & Observer of Raleigh reported that a 9-year-old boy with an Obama-Biden sign grabbed the McCain

No Shelter

al Qaeda’s expectations: “Americans will be suppressed by their leaders”
By Walid Phares (bio)


“May Bush’s Party be humiliated

“And Americans be suppressed by their own leaders”
Washington DC, October 30, 2008
In a Jihadi speech delivered in an undisclosed location and aired on internet, al Qaeda’s highest military commander Abu Yahya al Libi called on Allah to take revenge on America by “humiliating Bush’s Party” and by “having Americans suppressing Americans and by having leaders oppressing them.”
This powerful statement, made public during a sensitive period of US election deserves high attention in terms of al Qaeda’s strategic aims regarding the outcome of American vote next week. Thanks to Laura Mansfield’s monitoring of the Jihadi web sites, a video tape of al Libi was made available to viewers in Arabic. The Mansfield bulletin said (with permission):
“Al Qaeda has finally made an official statement of policy regarding the 2008 US elections, and it is a ringing “anti-endorsement” for the Republican Party. The “anti-endorsement”, posted on the jihadist forums a week before the Election Day 2008, was included towards the end of the message. The message, from Al Qaeda leader (and Bagram prison escapee) Abu Yahya al Libi, was a Khutba or sermon delivered in honor of the Eid al Fitre holiday. Unlike 2004, when Bin Laden referenced both candidates by name, but refrained from actually endorsing either, Al Libi specifically calls for the wrath of Allah to be brought down upon the Republicans. The message is more of a “vote against” message calling for the party of Bush to be humiliated, rather than a “vote for” message promoting Obama and the Democrats:

Oh Allah, Lord of mankind, humiliate Bush and his party!
Oh, Allah, degrade and defy him!
Oh Allah, Lord of mankind, defy him!
Oh Allah, make him live a day like the day Pharoah, Haman, and Qarun experienced, making him an example…

Comments about the election have been few and far between on the jihadist forums and in message from Al Qaeda leadership this year. This is a sharp contrast to the 2004 election, when discussion about candidates Bush and Kerry began months in advance of Election Day, and culminated in an official As Sahab release of a video tape from Osama bin Laden. In a video released just 4 days before Election Day 2004, Bin Laden said:

Your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or Al-Qa’ida.
Your security is in your own hands”

At this point, it is not known whether or not Bin Laden will comment on the 2008 US Presidential Election. With just days to go before the election, we’ll know soon whether or not Bin Laden will make a statement.

In the meantime, it appears obvious from Al Libi’s statement that Al Qaeda is not supporting the Republicans.”

- (End of Mansfield Bulletin). -

Going back to the tape (as of minute 43:30) I transcribed a more curious sentence. Al Libi said

“Allah strike America and its allies, torture them and send them catastrophes, in their own homeland (fi iqri darahum). He added (Sallithum al baadihim baada) “let Americans suppress each other”, and (Sallit alyhum awliw’ahum) “have leaders suppressing them.”

By operating a text analysis, one would link “humiliate Bush and his Party” to “have their leaders suppressing them.” If, as Laura Mansfield underlined, a call to humiliate Bush’s Party is a call to defeat John McCain in the forthcoming election, the call to have Americans suppressing each others and their own leaders suppressing them would only mean that the defeat of McCain would lead to a “suppression of Americans.”
Such a statement made by al Libi is revealing not necessarily of future events in the US, but of al Qaeda’s wishes to what may come -as a result of a divine intervention: that is a defeat of McCain and the reign of Americans suppressing Americans.
Check the entire speech in Arabic at Begin at minute 43:30.
Dr Walid Phares is Fox News Terrorism Excpert


Yesterday's Earl Pitts




Not funny

The media says it's over, why bother?

"A poster of the Chinese negotiator to Taiwan is defaced with cream pies thrown by opposition supporters ahead of his visit to Taiwan next week."

"Australian and Indian cricketers and the umpire lie on the ground to avoid bees during a match in New Delhi, India. "

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama meets Joe the plumber

H/T Lilas


Life takes a licking, but still can't reach the good stuff

One of them earth firster, greeny dudes exposed

OBAMA's TAX PLAN - Penn & Teller and gang return to comment on Barack Obama's socialist plans to turn the United States into a Marxist wasteland!

OMG! Run!

Impossible Landing Made Possible - Amazing videos are here

JTL Jokes
By Mike Long (bio)

by J. Todd Long

Give Us This Day Our Daily Jest (October 29, 2008)

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to 120 days in jail for lying about an affair. But on the bright side, he’ll be out just in time to see the Lions in the Super Bowl. Oh, wait…

Angelina Jolie made a surprise visit to a Hollywood film festival to pay tribute to Clint Eastwood…and to adopt Danny DeVito.

Kelly Pickler says she calls fellow American Idol contestant Carrie Underwood when she needs inspiration for healthy eating…and calls fellow Idol contestant Taylor Hicks when she needs her pool cleaned.

Great Moments in Jest History (from the Jesting Archives): June 7, 2005
Defense Secretary Rumsfeld criticized Amnesty International for calling the Guantanamo Bay detention center “the gulag of our times.” Said Rumsfeld, “Come on—have they never seen a Best Western?”

On a Personal Note: So far, I’m 0 for 8.

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Not everyone wants to kiss ...

OBAMA CULT VIDEO - Very Creepy...


Watch this

They don't make 'em like this anymore

Erik Svane Explains Racism in the 2008 Election to His Cat

Sarah Palin attacks LA Times

I post this mainly to show how useless the MSM has become.

I'm Not Drinking Your Kool Aid Obama


With the twisted leftys behind him, we'll have a new Castro soon.

Returning Heavy Fire After an Ambush by Insurgents

Cool commute

Palin hootchie cootchie

Uncensored! George W. curses Ahmadinejad in UN Speech.

Wonder what Obama would say, "can I get a kiss?" just wondering.

OOPS! Bet Al Gore did it

Media wacking

Take two, call me when its over

Poor guy

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vietnam nurse remembers John McCain

A former nurse in Vietnam has been recalling the time she treated one of the men now running for the White House, John McCain, after his plane was shot down during the Vietnam war.

nurse Nguyen Thi Thanh
Nurse Nguyen Thi Thanh chose to care for Mr McCain despite his enemy status

Mr McCain was captured and taken with serious injuries to a clinic where the nurse, Nguyen Thi Thanh, worked.

Mrs Nguyen, now 81, talked to the BBC's Nga Pham at her house in Hanoi.

It was about 9 in the morning of 26 October 1967. There was a loud siren to alert people to get to shelters quickly, as American war planes were about to fly over Hanoi.

Half an hour after the planes left, I heard a noisy crowd, who shouted that an enemy pilot had jumped into Truc Bach Lake. Then they brought him in.

I didn't know who he was, but he was obviously not Vietnamese. The pilot was not that big and heavy, he was pale and handsome.

McCain being pulled out of lake
The injured John McCain was pulled out of the lake by Vietnamese locals

My responsibility was to care for my own countrymen only.

But [North Vietnamese leader] Ho Chi Minh advised people to show compassion and to save the enemies. So I told myself that I had to fulfil my duty.

He was very pale, his eyes were closed, he didn't utter a sound. I even didn't know whether there was any hope for him.

But I felt a pulse, and when I fed him with some medicinal syrup, he managed to swallow.

He did not bleed and I didn't detect any broken bones.

He lay there in my clinic for a good 20 minutes until they came to take him away. That evening, when I left the clinic, an old man came to me and yelled at me for 'caring for an enemy'. I told him I just did what Ho Chi Minh asked all of us to do.

McCain in hospital
McCain was taken prisoner with fractures to his arms and right leg

"I only found out about 20 years later, when I was summoned to a local meeting and told by the authorities, that the prisoner's name was John McCain and that he had become a good friend of Vietnam. He even came to visit a couple of times.

Will it be good for Vietnam if John McCain becomes president? I don't really know. He is friendly and he has done some good things for the Vietnamese, but it is difficult to predict the future.

As for Barack Obama, I don't think he has any ties with Vietnam. People say he doesn't know much about the country, but a clean slate can be a good thing.

If American people are wise, they will choose someone who loves peace, who is engaged in war prevention activities.

I don't follow the election closely, so I don't know what they are like. But I find John McCain very friendly towards Vietnam.

Giant spider eating a bird caught on camera By Bonnie Malkin in Sydney

I normally think this is a great sight for military and political info, but this is , well, Aussie

Obama’s Agenda is so “Gay”

If Bill Clinton was the first black president, Barack Obama, if elected, will be the first "gay" president. No, I don't mean he'll personally decorate the West Wing, open a bathhouse in the Rose Garden or take up with Barney Frank. I mean he'll be the most radically pro-homosexual, anti-family president in history. He's very quietly pledged as much to the homosexual "Human Rights Campaign" and other fawning members of his homofascist fan club.


Henry V- Speech

New Destroyer Named

One of the Navy’s largest new surface warships will bear the name of a Navy SEAL who received the nation’s highest award for valor.

“DDG 1001, the second ship in our newest class of destroyers, will be named after Michael Monsoor,” Navy Secretary Donald Winter said remarks prepared for an address to be given Wednesday night in New York.
“Michael Monsoor’s name will now be linked with one of our nation’s most visible examples of military power — a U.S. Navy warship,” Winter said in the address prepared for a Navy SEAL Warrior Fund dinner.

The Michael Monsoor will be the second DDG 1000 Zumwalt-class advanced destroyer. Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding is expected to begin construction of the ship next year at its Ingalls shipyard in Pascagoula, Miss., with delivery projected to take place in 2014.

Master-at-Arms 2nd Class (SEAL) Michael Monsoor is one of two sailors awarded the Medal of Honor since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began. The first, Lt. Michael Murphy, is the namesake of DDG 112, now under construction at General Dynamics Bath Iron Works of Bath, Maine, and is expected to be delivered in 2011.


Just wondering?

Anyone paying attention?


Now that I'm Obama man, may as well do it right

Crewman of the Ecuadorian Navy's tall ship ES Guayas stand on the ship's masts as a show of respect as the vessel makes it way past the USS Arizona Memorial and into Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Oct. 16, 2008. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Lantron


FRONTLINE | The War Briefing | PBS


I'll bet this has some real cool pro-Obama stuff, to bad I was to ah, ah, I missed it.


From now on I support Obama/Biden

Another victim waiting for an Obama savior

Donkey repair shop in Cairo - Egypt

Scotland Guard

A member of the Highlanders, 4th Battalion, the Royal Regiment of Scotland, conducts a dismounted patrol in the city of Basra, Iraq, on Oct. 23, 2008. Photo by Sgt. Gustavo Olgiati.

Sarah Palin Ought to be a Feminist Heroine
By Heather Robinson (bio)

An interesting element of liberals’ and the mainstream media’s reactions to Sarah Palin is the way they attack her for the very things–such as balancing a high-powered career and her obligations as a mother, daughter, and sister–that feminists would normally champion.

According to the AP, Palin has charged the state of Alaska taxpayers over $20,000 for her three daughters to travel with her to attend some state functions.

How scandalous! Here we have, like “Troopergate,” an “investigation” by Queens and Kings of Small Things. In both cases, Palin broke no laws. And in both cases, she appears to have done nothing lacking in common sense or decency, except in the minds of complete partisans and small-minded nitpickers. How else to explain their failure to see, in either case, the big picture, or understand the significance of multiple considerations?

It is obvious that this Wooten character (the Alaska state trooper) desperately needs to be fired. Can anyone actually argue with a straight face that this man, who repeatedly violated highway safety laws, used a taser on a child, etc., ought to be entrusted with policing others? The fact that Palin’s family’s tribulations reinforce exactly the picture of this bad actor that his state trooper’s record does should not be held against Palin. The job of any leader is first and foremost to protect the public safety; the man is clearly a serious liability to his department and a threat to public safety. Had Palin failed to do all she legally could to get him canned she would have been remiss. It appears the reason he is still on the job is that we live in a world where virtually no union employee can be fired for any reason.

Give that Wooten allegedly threated Palin’s father and intimidated her sister, and Palin did what she could to protect not only the public safety but also her family against a man who sounds verbally abusive and reckless, ought to make her a heroine to feminists. But alas, abortion rights trump protection of not only the unborn but the born in their value system. Personally, I am pro-choice (with some reservations about abortion-on-demand), and don’t agree with Palin’s absolutist position on the issue. But it troubles me that so few feminists or liberals of any stripe seem to consider this woman fairly, or to evaluate her record or her actions with any sense of proportion.

As far as travel expenses for her children, people–especially liberal feminists–ought to be embarrassed to criticize her for wanting to be with her children and for spending what amounts to a pittance of taxpayer money to do so, compared to the millions she saved Alaska by selling the Governor’s private jet.

Let’s employ some sense of proportion in evaluating this Governor and VP candidate.

Obama vs. McCain Your Money

They'll probably blame this on Sarah

A bit blinky

Sign? What sign?

Having a blast

Search Mode

U.S. Army Soldiers search for weapons caches on patrol during an air assault mission, Operation Deadbluff, on the banks of the Tigris River, Bayji, Iraq, Oct. 14, 2008. The Soldiers are assigned to the 101st Airborne Division's 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Richard Rzepka.

Silly, but funny

Dumbass media

Much too much to ask

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Wizard of Washington

I taxed Theo for this one

Strong earthquake hits Pakistan

A earthquake of magnitude 6.2 has hit Balochistan province in south-western Pakistan, with at least 27 people reported dead.

It struck 70km (45 miles) north of Quetta at 0409 local time (2309GMT Tuesday) at a depth of 10km, the US Geological Survey said.

Dilawar Khan, mayor of the town of Ziarat, said two areas in his district had been "badly hit".

Deaths have also been reported in Pishin district.

Local officials quoted by Reuters news agency said that 40 people had received treatment for minor injuries, mostly caused when mud walls collapsed or in the ensuing panic.

Mr Khan said that 14 people had been killed in one area of Ziarat, and 11 in another, with two deaths reported in Pishin.

"There were two tremors, the second one was serious and people rushed out of their houses," said Amjad Hussain, a resident of Quetta.

Quetta itself suffered almost complete destruction with the dead of about 30,000 in an earthquake in 1935.

And we'll be the first with aid

Hey! No cheaten on the test dude.

Redneck mommy?


When the vote is in,

I hope Mccain appoints this guy Secretary of Common sense.

I stole this

Obama Undertakes Presidential Internship To Ease Concerns About His Lack Of Experience

From a guy who called me a bad word yesterday

Today's Earl Pitts


Keep The Change

My wife is looking for her "britches".

I know that has nothing to do with this video, but I found it compelling.

Picasso fan converts his car into work of art on wheels


Iran 'opens naval base' near Gulf

Iran has opened new naval facilities east of the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow entrance to the Gulf which is key to oil supplies, state media say.

Naval chief Admiral Habibollah Sayyari was quoted as saying the base in the town of Jask would enable Iran to block the entry of an "enemy" into the Gulf.

Iran has threatened to close the strait in response to a potential military strike over its nuclear activities.

It denies claims by Western powers that it is seeking a nuclear bomb.

Key 'chokepoint'

"We are creating a new defence front in the region, thinking of a non-regional enemy," Adm Sayyari told state run Iranian radio.

"In this region we are capable of preventing the entry of any kind of enemy into the strategic Persian Gulf if need be," he said.

The Strait of Hormuz is "by far the world's most important chokepoint," according to the US government's Energy Information Administration.

About 20% of oil traded worldwide passes through the narrow waterway, the body says.

There has been speculation that the US or Israel might stage a military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, in response to Iran's refusal to halt the enrichment of uranium, a process which can be used to make fuel for nuclear bombs.

Tensions remain high, although many analysts believe an attack has become less likely in recent months.

The base is in the port town of Jask, about 1,050 miles (1,700 kilometres) south of Tehran.