Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little toons...

Big toons

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Dinosaurs had fleas too _ giant ones

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"Pentagon Has Desk-Drawer Military Plan to Attack Syria"

"The Pentagon has detailed plans for military action if Obama decides to intervene, CNN says. Satellites are gathering intelligence."

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"About to get a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card?"

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"The Obama Domino Doctrine: Pro-Iran/Anti-Saudi"

By Mark Langfan

"Obama, from day one of his US Presidency, has been the first anti-Winston Churchill US President. The Obama Doctrine is “Whatever Churchill did, Obama would, and will, undo.” Churchill empowered the Sunnis, Obama will dispossess the Sunnis. Churchill created Israel, Obama will dismember Israel.

Within this tightly focused foreign policy imperative, Obama sees the total empowerment of Iran as the quickest and surest route to obliterate the shackles of the Churchill’s vestigial enslaving pro-Sunni “elite” localized fiefdoms that practically prevent the unification of the Muslim Global Ummah."


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"Mission Accomplished"

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