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Theo is back, nap time for me

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Naughty Alaskan librarian

Wassup Holmes

Well, its a slow night.

Holy smoke, Alaska governor has killed more caribou than oil pipe line.

News anchorman blooper about Obama

Never knew that.

Tom & Jerry Pecos Pest


Sarah Palins answer to dodging sniper fire

Todays Really scary picture

Body Art

Models worn bodies arts by John Vargas from the United States, right, and Jinny Houle from Canada during the 2008 World Body Painting Festival in Daegu, South Korea, Friday, Aug. 29, 2008. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lollipop Lane

Three Iraqi children enjoy lollipops given them by U.S. Soldiers during a patrol, Aug. 19, 2008, in the Abu T'shir community of southern Baghdad's Rashid District. Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Kelvin Surgener, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division Public Affairs.

Biden gets more than he bargained for

Mccain has made a great choice.

Sarah Palin
The next VP

The Gay Olympics, watch out man, you hit your nuts!!

Kiev Declares State Of Emergency As Arsenal Fire Spreads.

Firefighters are tackling a blaze in an ammunition depot in North-West Ukraine. The fire broke out on Wednesday afternoon, setting off a series of explosions of artillery shells and other weapons.

Bet Putins behind this

Bayer Pesticide Factory Explosion In West Virginia - Raw Footage

Bayer Crop Science Lab Explosion Near West Virgina. This Just Happened So Not Much Yet Known. Though News Is Telling Locals To Close Windows And To Not Breath In The Contaminants. The Facility Produces Crop Pesticides. Bayer Also Makes Pharmeceuticals. Bring In Your Pets, Close Fireplace, Bring Pets In Now!

Sgt Juan Amaris (centre) uses a special ski to water ski at a clinic for war veterans with physical disabilities in the US state of Texas.

A house is destroyed by a landslide on the outskirts of Tokyo, where fierce rains have prompted the Japanese authorities to order more than one million people to leave their homes.

'Bout says it all

Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sister, Can You Spare A Compliment?
By Monica Crowley (bio)

At Tuesday night’s Democratic Convention, Hillary Clinton did what everyone expected her to do, and she endorsed Barack Obama. As her husband mouthed “I love you” (in a gag-me-with-a-spoon moment reminiscent of the 1998 State of the Union address), Hillary encouraged everyone to jump on the Obama bandwagon.

The problem is that Hillary made a policy endorsement, not a personal one.

Nowhere in her “speech of support” was a reference to getting to know Obama, to seeing his wide-ranging intellect and inherent goodness, to his qualifications to be president, to the judgment needed to be commander-in-chief.

Instead, she said something akin to, “Look. He beat me. I still can’t believe it, but he beat me. I hate him for it, but whatever. He’ll lose and I’ll be back. In the meantime, he’s a Democrat, which makes him better than a Republican, so I guess we’d better suck it up and vote for him.”

Tonight, her husband will alight to the podium, all simmering anger and seething resentment. He’ll say (some of) the right things too, but he won’t be happy about it. And then he’ll do what he loves more than anything: he’ll talk about himself.

He’ll also do something else. He’ll take Obama to school. He’ll deliver such a stemwinder that Obama, even with all of his vaunted oratory, won’t be able to match it. Bill is going to show the young whippersnapper how it’s done. “Take THAT, punk.”

Is this Obama’s convention? Sure it is. If you believe in unicorns.

The Chronicles Of The Obamessiah, Volume II: In The Temple

"Open Season" - Stuck Mojo

I can watch this or the messiah, I chose this.
John was in the fertilized egg business.

He had several hundred young layers
(hens), called 'pullets,'
and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs.

He kept records,
and any rooster not performing
went into the soup pot
and was replaced.

This took a lot of time,
so he bought some tiny bells
and attached them to his roosters.

Each bell had a different tone,
so he could tell from a distance,
which rooster was performing.

Now, he could sit on the porch
And fill out an efficiency report
by just listening to the bells.

John's favorite rooster, old Butch,
was a very fine specimen,
but this morning he noticed
old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all!

When he went to investigate,
he saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets,
bells-a-ringing, but the pullets,
hearing the roosters coming,
could run for cover.

To John's amazement,
old Butch had his bell in his beak,
so it couldn't ring.

He'd sneak up on a pullet,
do his job and walk on to the next one.

John was so proud of old Butch,
he entered him in the Renfrew County Fair
and he became an overnight sensation
among the judges.

The result was that the judges
not only awarded old Butch the No Bell Piece Prize
but they also awarded him the Pulletsurprise as well.

Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making.

Who else but a politician could figure out
how to win two of the most highly coveted awards
on our planet by being the best
at sneaking up on the populace
and screwing them
when they weren't paying attention.

Vote carefully this year,
the bells are not always audible

H/T Janna B.

Got in a hurry, post this on wrong website. Oops

High Def Atomic Bomb Blast

Makes sense

People enjoy the recently-opened Butterfly Garden in Terminal Three of Singapore's Changi airport.

A woman - seen through a bullet hole in a house gate - walks in South Ossetia's capital Tskhinvali - the scene of recent heavy fighting between Georgian and Russian troops.

"cape may lighthouse"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If someone tells a joke and no one is there to hear

Is it still funny

Short sighted?

The Soldier - The Sacrifice of the British Army in Ulster

Via/The Rogue Gunner

I hear he's good at bowling too

Fat lady needs a new gig?

Damned fat ladys

One of these times I'm going to stop and watch this ad

Just to see why it so scares Obama

Government program strikes back

"Shared habitat - Falkland Islands"

What I Saw At the Discombobulation

By Michelle Malkin | DENVER — Never was so much hype created by so few to simulate the appearance of so many.

The hard-core left vowed to turn out 50,000 protesters for the Democratic National Convention this week. They pledged to "Re-create '68" and cause the kind of tear-gas-infused revolutionary havoc that marked the DNC in Chicago four decades ago. Police prepared for the worst riots. Media from around the world anticipated the best pictures.

But when rhetorical push came to real-life shove, the nostalgic, Marx-adoring organizers of Re-create '68 seem to have mustered no more than, oh, 68 bodies. Their presence here is dwarfed by the massive show of police, press and camera-toting looky-loos. You can't take a picture without someone else taking pictures of everyone else taking pictures of not much else getting in your frame.

The chaos-inducers' mouths were a mile wide. Their crowds have been an inch deep. What's left of the leftover '60s movement is all sizzle and no steak. Or veggie burger. Deep-fried tofu. Whatever.

At an abortion protest/counter-protest on Saturday in front of a Planned Parenthood mega-facility, I counted fewer than a dozen pro-abortion activists milling about with three times as many media members. The majority of demonstrators were more exercised about the war in Iraq than about the vaunted woman's right to choose death for her unborn child — the stated focus of the demonstration.

And while Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean excoriates the Republican Party as the "white" party, I saw only one non-white agitator among the pro-abortion gaggle. (This goes for the rest of the Re-create '68 populace, too. It's as pale and colorless as a Colorado snowfall.) Across the street from the Planned Parenthood event, however, were many incensed black- and brown-skinned moms — incensed that an abortion mill had been built right across from the park where their children practice football and swing on the playground set.

One of the moms said bluntly: "I don't want a f**king abortion clinic in my neighborhood!" A Hispanic mother added: "It's against the Catholic Church." (Are you listening, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi?) When asked about her views on abortion, a black mother of three told me simply from her minivan: "I don't believe in it."

Speaking of disbelief, behold the dregs of the self-pitying anti-war movement. The white-flag crowd had so much trouble getting coverage of its worn-out, giant puppet-toting, drum-beating, ratty lingerie-flashing, Bush-cursing antics on Sunday that a sympathizer at the Associated Press devoted an entire sob story to the apathy. "CodePink faces tough odds for public's attention," the AP's Christine Simmons mourned. Perhaps if more than 10 of them showed up at one time to do something other than scream about BusHitler or bawl about detained Gitmo jihadists, they'd have better luck.

At Denver's City Center on Monday night, law enforcement authorities encountered about 100 aimless grievance-mongers — self-described as "anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-war" — who finally fixed on something concrete to protest when their friends were arrested for refusing to disperse. "My freedom of speech was suppressed," one protester complained as she spoke freely to the media and acknowledged that she hadn't been arrested or asked to show identification.

In the melee, a few responsible adults were accidentally hit with pepper spray. Otherwise, Denver blogger Charlie Martin, who was covering the scene for Pajamas Media, quipped: "It was the world's most boring riot."

Finally, in a sorry attempt to re-create Abbie Hoffman's satirical stunt aimed at levitating the Pentagon, a dozen Re-create '68 stragglers dressed up like the cast of "Harry Potter," wielded magic wands and joined hands to float the Denver Mint. The Mint stayed firmly on the ground. To salvage the abysmal turnout, an unhinged contingent of 9/11 conspiracy theorists started barking at me. One buffoon shouted, "Kill Michelle Malkin," while the levitation experts chanted, "Peace and Justice!" and a wizard paraded around in his "Arrest Bush" T-shirt with Che Guevara promoters tossing fake quarters in the air.

To paraphrase a favorite left-wing bumper sticker slogan, discombobulation is the highest form of patriotism. Blame bankrupt ideology, not the altitude.

Weird Nokia

Understated Weird

Israel to Display the Dead Sea Scrolls on the Internet

JERUSALEM — In a crowded laboratory painted in gray and cooled like a cave, half a dozen specialists embarked this week on a historic undertaking: digitally photographing every one of the thousands of fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls with the aim of making the entire file — among the most sought-after and examined documents on earth — available to all on the Internet.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pfc. Joe N. Viruet, a field radio operator with Jump Platoon, 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 5, provides security during an operation in Hit, Iraq, Aug. 21, 2008. Marines with Jump Platoon have been performing combat patrols through Hit to assist the battalion's law enforcement professionals. Photo by Cpl. Erik Villagran.

Cool and Funny Police Cars. - For more funny movies, click here

OK, I strike sexy pose

Used to be free, but now cost more than a Hilton

Sudanese plane hijacked in Darfur

A Sudanese airliner hijacked shortly after take-off from Nyala, in Darfur region, has landed in Libya.

3 AM

I know I’m not going to understand women.
I’ll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax, pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root, and still be afraid of a spider.

Appaloosa Trailer

The 'cut-and-shut' cruise ship that was sliced in half to add more rooms

More here

Speed painting - F1 CRASH paint by Martin Missfeldt

Random Thoughts

By Thomas Sowell | Random thoughts on the passing scene:

If you took all the fraud out of politics, there might not be a lot left.

The reason so many people misunderstand so many issues is not that these issues are so complex, but that people do not want a factual or analytical explanation that leaves them emotionally unsatisfied. They want villains to hate and heroes to cheer— and they don't want explanations that do not give them that.

Has anyone noticed Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain's facial resemblance to Babe Ruth? If he can be anywhere near as good a pitcher as Ruth was, he will have a great career. The Babe could have made the Hall of Fame if he had remained a pitcher and never hit a home run. He still holds a couple of pitching records.

Although you can block unwanted phone calls from commercial sources, you cannot block automated phone calls from politicians, which will be inundating us this election year. Apparently the courts think that the right of "free speech" includes the right to impose that speech on an unwilling audience. Maybe we need a new Constitutional Amendment, guaranteeing "freedom from speech."

One of the problems with successfully dealing with threats is that people start believing that there is no threat. That is where we are, seven years after 9/11, so that reminding people of terrorist dangers can be dismissed as "the politics of fear" by Barack Obama, who has a rhetorical answer for everything.

There are countries in Europe that would love to have their unemployment rate fall to the 5.7 percent unemployment rate to which ours has risen. Yet those who seem to want us to imitate European economic and social policies never seem to want to consider the actual consequences of those policies.

"Unacceptable" is one of the big weasel words of our time— almost always said when the person who says it has no intention of doing anything, and so is accepting what is called "unacceptable."

Republicans won big, running as Republicans, in 2004. But once they took control of Congress, they started acting like Democrats and lost big. There is a lesson in that somewhere but whether Republicans will learn it is another story entirely.

When we hear about rent control or gun control, we may think about rent or guns but the word that really matters is "control." That is what the political left is all about, as you can see by the incessant creation of new restrictions in places where they are strongly entrenched in power, such as San Francisco or New York.

Now that the Senator with the furthest left voting record in the Senate and the Senator with the third furthest left voting are the Democrats' nominees for President and Vice President, there will be great expressions of indignation over being "negative" if anyone dares call them "liberals." Actually, leftists would be more accurate.

G.K Chesterton said: "I defy anybody to say what are the rights of a citizen, if they do not include the control of his own diet in relation to his own health." But California citizens and citizens of New York City have tamely accepted their politicians' decisions to forbid restaurants to serve certain foods, even when citizens want those foods.

The recent death of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn should make us recall what he said when he was awarded the Nobel Prize: "The timid civilized world has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of a sudden revival of barefaced barbarity, other than concessions and smiles." What would a Barack Obama presidency mean, other than more concessions and broader smiles, while Iran goes nuclear?

Right after liberal Democrats, the most dangerous politicians are country club Republicans.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says that what he admired about FDR was his willingness to experiment in order to help the economy. That experimentation helped prolong the Great Depression, since people tend to hang onto their money when the government creates uncertainty by constantly changing the rules.

At one time, it was said "The truth will make you free." Today, there seem to be those who think that rhetoric and hype will make you free. It might even be called the audacity of hype.

Dang! Gonna have to get a new paper

Obama E-mail blocker would be handy too


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"A&P store - Somerset, Ohio - 1938"

Great prices? Then I remember my dad worked 15hrs a day for a buck.

"Visions of Red- Palouse Falls State Park, Eastern Washington, by Kevin McNeal"

This is in my neck of the woods, I mean if there were trees.

A modern liberal girl sings about the bright shiney future

She just wants everybody to be happy

Japanese Human Art - Why Is My Girlfriend Mad?

Plot to Kill Obama: Shoot From High Vantage Point

DENVER (CBS4) ― CBS4 has now learned at least four people are under arrest in connection with a possible plot to kill Barack Obama at his Thursday night acceptance speech in Denver. All are being held on either drug or weapons charges.

This seems a bit much, I mean we did survive that Carter dude.

3rd Race at The Honeymoon Is Over Downs

Yeah I know I stole it from Theo

I know, its not nice to criticize

All Smiles

An Iraqi girl smiles in excitement as U.S. Soldiers from Alpha Battery, 3rd Battalion, 6th Field Artillery, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, N.Y., deployed to Forward Operating Warrior, Kirkuk, Iraq, visit the neighborhood, Aug. 20, 2008. Photo by Staff Sgt. Ave Pele-Sizelove, Joint Combat Camera Center Iraq.

Fox news Griff Jenkins driven out of protest at Denver protests

Raw video:August 25/08:Denver,Colorado,footage of Griff Jenkins with his camera crew being verbally driven away by protesters.They scream profanity's about Fox News and Rupert Murdoch...

A bunch of closet Fox fans I'll bet.

Women police cadets march during their graduation ceremony in Sanaa August 25, 2008.

3 days ago: Women greet the first Russian navy ship in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol as it returns from its operation at Georgia's sea border August 22, 2008. The first Russian navy ship returned to base in the Black Sea on Friday from operations against Georgia.

Barack Obama through Muslim Eyes

By Daniel Pipes | How do Muslims see Barack Hussein Obama? They have three choices: either as he presents himself - someone who has "never been a Muslim" and has "always been a Christian"; or as a fellow Muslim; or as an apostate from Islam.

Reports suggests that while Americans generally view the Democratic candidate having had no religion before converting at Reverend Jeremiah Wrights's hands at age 27, Muslims the world over rarely see him as Christian but usually as either Muslim or ex-Muslim.

Lee Smith of the Hudson Institute explains why: "Barack Obama's father was Muslim and therefore, according to Islamic law, so is the candidate. In spite of the Quranic verses explaining that there is no compulsion in religion, a Muslim child takes the religion of his or her father. … for Muslims around the world, non-American Muslims at any rate, they can only ever see Barack Hussein Obama as a Muslim." In addition, his school record from Indonesia lists him as a Muslim

Thus, an Egyptian newspaper, Al-Masri al-Youm, refers to his "Muslim origins." Libyan ruler Mu'ammar al-Qaddafi referred to Obama as "a Muslim" and a person with an "African and Islamic identity." One Al-Jazeera analysis calls him a "non-Christian man," a second refers to his "Muslim Kenyan" father, and a third, by Naseem Jamali, notes that "Obama may not want to be counted as a Muslim but Muslims are eager to count him as one of their own."

A conversation in Beirut, quoted in the Christian Science Monitor, captures the puzzlement. "He has to be good for Arabs because he is a Muslim," observed a grocer. "He's not a Muslim, he's a Christian," replied a customer. Retorted the grocer: "He can't be a Christian. His middle name is Hussein." Arabic discussions of Obama sometimes mention his middle name as a code, with no further comment needed.

"The symbolism of a major American presidential candidate with the middle name of Hussein, who went to elementary school in Indonesia," reports Tamara Cofman Wittes of the Brookings Institution from a U.S.-Muslim conference in Qatar, "that certainly speaks to Muslims abroad." Thomas L. Friedman of the New York Times found that Egyptians "don't really understand Obama's family tree, but what they do know is that if America - despite being attacked by Muslim militants on 9/11 - were to elect as its president some guy with the middle name 'Hussein,' it would mark a sea change in America-Muslim world relations."

Some American Muslim leaders also perceive Obama as Muslim. The president of the Islamic Society of North America, Sayyid M. Syeed, told Muslims at a conference in Houston that whether Obama wins or loses, his candidacy will reinforce that Muslim children can "become the presidents of this country." The Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan called Obama "the hope of the entire world" and compared him to his religion's founder, Fard Muhammad.

But this excitement also has a dark side - suspicions that Obama is a traitor to his birth religion, an apostate (murtadd) from Islam. Al-Qaeda has prominently featured Obama's stating "I am not a Muslim" and one analyst, Shireen K. Burki of the University of Mary Washington, sees Obama as "bin Laden's dream candidate." Should he become U.S. commander in chief, she believes, Al-Qaeda would likely "exploit his background to argue that an apostate is leading the global war on terror … to galvanize sympathizers into action."

Mainstream Muslims tend to tiptoe around this topic. An Egyptian supporter of Obama, Yasser Khalil, reports that many Muslims react "with bewilderment and curiosity" when Obama is described as a Muslim apostate; Josie Delap and Robert Lane Greene of the Economist even claim that the Obama-as-apostate theme "has been notably absent" among Arabic-language columnists and editorialists.

That latter claim is inaccurate, for the topic is indeed discussed. At least one Arabic-language newspaper published Burki's article. Kuwait's Al-Watan referred to Obama as "a born Muslim, an apostate, a convert to Christianity." Writing in the Arab Times, Syrian liberal Nidal Na'isa repeatedly called Obama an "apostate Muslim."

In sum, Muslims puzzle over Obama's present religious status. They resist his self-identification as a Christian while they assume a baby born to a Muslim father and named "Hussein" began life a Muslim. Should Obama become president, differences in Muslim and American views of religious affiliation will create problems.