Sunday, October 31, 2010



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'Corrupt Bastards', 1 & 2

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"Obama’s October Surprise?"

By Ron Ewart

"How convenient! Five days before the November 2nd election, Obama comes up with a so-called “credible” security alert and takes the opportunity to “brief” Americans (on TV of course, with the ubiquitous teleprompter) on how competent he is and how in-control the government is of this terrorist threat from Yemen. F-15’s were reported to be shadowing an airplane that was coming in from Yemen, over Canadian airspace, before it landed at JFK. As we all know, Yemen is the hotbed of Al Queda-sponsored terrorist activity, at the hands of an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, who turned traitor, or so we are told. Does anyone trust what government tells us these days?"

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Little toons....

 Big toons

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"Grab your long guns...


"I dropped by my local butcher’s shop the other day in search of something good for dinner, but the door was locked, the lights were out and there was a sign in the window:

“Gone moose hunting. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Not nearly as sorry as I was, but I should have guessed. It’s that time of year again in rural Ontario — hunting season.

Not a good time to need a butcher, plumber, electrician or contractor. I wouldn’t suggest having a house fire either. The boys — and their long guns — are out in the woods."

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"The Death of Camelot"

By Bruce Walker

"Fifty years ago, American government -- even American society -- entered into a wonderland of youth, prettiness, chic, and charisma. John Kennedy had defeated Richard Nixon in the presidential debates (or at least JFK defeated Nixon in the eyes of the millions of Americans who watched the debates -- those who heard them on the radio felt that Nixon had won). The election of 1960 was incredibly close and could have torn the country apart, except that mean-spirited Nixon (unlike Nobel Prize winner Gore) chose to concede and spare the nation a political civil war."


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