Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Puppy Patrol

"U.S. Army Spc. David Cartwright plays with some puppies outside the Iraqi Police District Headquarters in Mahawil, Iraq, Dec. 21, 2008. Cartwright is assigned to the 1st Platoon, 230th Military Police Company, 793rd Military Police Battalion, 18th Military Police Brigade. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Wendy Wyman."

Baboons Hold Up Cars

FOX Reporter Shown How Hamas Terrorists Make Their Deadly Rockets

Israel creates website detailing Gaza air strikes

"Israel has created a YouTube website detailing their mission "Cast Lead" operation in Gaza, complete with video clips of air strikes.

"The IDF Spokesperson's Unit is the Israel Defense Forces' professional body responsible for media and public relations in Israel and around the world. This is our new site that will help us do so.

We thank you for visiting us and will continue to update this site with documentation of the IDF's humane action and operational success in operation "Cast Lead."


The Art of the Impossible

By Thomas Sowell

" Whoever called politics "the art of the possible" must have had a strange idea of what is possible or a strange idea of politics, where the impossible is one of the biggest vote-getters.

People can get the possible on their own. Politicians have to be able to offer the voters something that they cannot get on their own. The impossible fills that bill perfectly."


túrána hott kurdís by hasta la otra méxico! from Till Credner on Vimeo.

"In the early morning of New Year's Eve 2008, an F-16C Fighting Falcon sits tethered to the hot cargo pad at Joint Base Balad, Iraq, Dec. 31, 2008. The aircraft is tethered to secure it in place prior to a full afterburner engine run-up. The Minnesota Air National Guard?s 179th Fighter Squadron carries the 332nd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron designation while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Erik Gudmundson."

Gaza - Hamas Hiding Terror Bases in Hospitals & Schools

"Of course the socialist media will try to keep this news from the sheeple, so they can scream about civilian deaths. Most of the 400 deaths were TERRORISTS, there are very few innocent civilians in Gaza, because many are brainwashed to hate and kill jews at a young age."

Todays Earl Pitts, 12-31


"A Japanese family pay an end-of-year visit to Tokyo's Sensoji temple, where a plaque signalled the arrival of the Year of the Ox."

Dec. 29, 2008: "Traffic can be seen through a hole in snow and ice in Blue Island, Ill., that was left over from a weeks worth of bizarre weather that brought temperatures from single digits to the mid-60s. After heavy snow turned to ice a warm front passed through the area mixed with rain leaving much of the Midwest with views of green lawns again."

A New Fleet of Spacecraft

"NASA is developing spacecraft to replace its aging shuttle fleet and return astronauts to the Moon by 2020. The first spacecraft in the Constellation program is expected to be launched in 2015, five years after the scheduled end of the shuttle program."


Slow learners

Let it snow........

Uh,oh! We,re screwed until he can find some illegals to do some picking.

Buffoons are the media

Bin Laden Latest Madoff Casualty

By Andy Borowitz

Rips Bernie in New Video

"The alleged Ponzi scheme of New York investment manager Bernie Madoff has claimed yet another victim, as al-Qaeda kingpin Osama bin Laden today revealed that he lost over $1 billion in the fraud.

While the roster of Madoff victims have included many prominent names from the world of entertainment and the media, such as Steven Spielberg and Mortimer Zuckerman, Mr. bin Laden is believed to be the first acknowledged casualty from the world of terror."


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mental illness is hard to explain

Video: IDF humanitarian shipments to Gaza

The IDF has begun to get the hang of the Intertubes. It has established a North American liaison to media and bloggers and started pushing out video to ensure that the Israelis can work around established media when necessary. Today, as the IDF continues its assault on Hamas positions in Gaza, they want to make sure that people see that they have not stopped humanitarian deliveries to Gazans:

Via: Hot Air

Wack that dude,Googling is what you do at the topless beach

The new libs, just like the old libs, power, power, power...

It's time once more to blame the Jews

By Wesley Pruden

" The Israelis finally get enough of the constant rain of rockets on their border towns and villages, fired by Hamas thugs recognized by nearly everybody as international jackals, and strike back to stop it. Guess who the villains are."


New year, time to google

Warning: Gurls here

Trunk Monkeys

If only...

"Pacific Proving Ground, Marshall Islands, 1956"


"Le Crunch"

Sherman with major role at Bastogne found

"Army historians have identified a World War II-era tank on display at Rose Barracks, Vilseck, Germany as being the first tank to enter American lines 64 years ago in relief of besieged 101st Airborne Division soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge."


Poll: Six in 10 active-duty service members uncertain or pessimistic about Obama

"When asked how they feel about President-elect Barack Obama as commander in chief, six out of 10 active-duty service members say they are uncertain or pessimistic, according to a Military Times survey.

In follow-up interviews, respondents expressed concerns about Obama’s lack of military service and experience leading men and women in uniform.

“Being that the Marine Corps can be sent anywhere in the world with the snap of his fingers, nobody has confidence in this guy as commander in chief,” said one lance corporal who asked not to be identified."


Pentagon, Hollywood Pair up for Transformers Sequel

"Hollywood action director Michael Bay enlisted the U.S. military to provide realistic props for his 2007 giant-robot epic Transformers. After the Pentagon helped rewrite the script, Bay got access to helicopters, warships and -- for just $25,000 an hour -- F-22 stealth fighters."


Dec. 30:"British Brigadier Mark Lacey poses next to a number made out of seized weapons representing the number of the weapons seized and destroyed in Baghdad, Iraq."

"Tomoko Mtasuda,

balances on a beluga at the Hakkijima Sea Paradise aquarium, Tokyo"

"Eighteen month-old Thai elephant 'Ming Jung' ('My Boy') plays with a branch of an unused Christmas tree at Cologne zoo December 30, 2008. The elephants of Cologne zoo are fed with left-over and unused Christmas trees each year - a delicacy for the animals according to the zoo's director. The elephants eat up to three Christmas trees per day and the trees help them to keep their teeth clean."

The psychopathology of Bush hatred

James Lewis

Monday 29 December 2008

"The Bush hatred we are seeing in the media today belongs in the long catalogue of human psychopathology — not rational behavior. The latest version is the shoe-throwing incident in Iraq. Iraq happens to be a hot war zone, in which tens of thousands of innocent people have been killed by hidden bombs. Bush's protective detail had no way of knowing whether an assassination attempt was under way, in just the way Saddam tried to assassinate George H.W. Bush, Sr. At the end of his two terms of office, the President flew to Iraq, into harm's way, knowing the dangers, to hold an open press conference. "


Its shoe time already

Monday, December 29, 2008

What a mess I live in

Toy Box

"U.S. Army Sgt. Phillip Brown of Ironhawk Troop, 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, carries a box of toys into the Orphanage of Saint Joseph in Al Qosh, Iraq, Dec. 23. Photo by Staff Sgt. JoAnn Makinano. "

Soon to be Master Sargent

Cute Little Girl Gonna Kick Monsters Ass! - The most amazing home videos are here

The wife made me do it

Monster Baby!! - The best video clips are right here

Night Vision Footage of British Soldiers Launching Mortars

"2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment X Co supporting a british patrol in Kajaki, Helmand, Afghanistan."

Very diplomatic, I'm sure Obama will sort it out

I made it to 4, son made it to 1234

A Goofy Game

Via The Dirty Ru

The not CNN report

Palin's daughter gives birth to son named Tripp

Election over. Now that being born famous is all you need to be a senator, in forty years, give or take a few, Tripp, for the senate?


Would you let this guy date your daughter?

Field of Fire

"U.S Soldiers detonate firebombs in an Iraqi palm grove to destroy hidden booby traps, explosives and weapons, Dec. 22, 2008. Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Walter Pels, Joint Combat Camera Center Iraq."

##Legend Fart Long##

##Legend Fart Long## - Click here for funny video clips
Dad at the Mall

I took my Dad to the mall the other day to buy some new shoes (he is 92).

We decided to grab a bite at the food court. I noticed he was watching a teenager sitting next to him.

The teenager had spiked hair in all different colours: green, red, orange and blue. My dad kept staring at him.

The teenager would look and find him staring every time.

When the teenager had had enough, he sarcastically asked, 'What's the matter old man, never done anything wild in your life?'

Knowing my Dad, I quickly swallowed my food so that I would not choke on his response, knowing he would have a good one - and, in classic style, he did not bat an eye in his response.

'Got drunk once, and had sex with a peacock. I was just wondering if you were my son.'

H/T Lilas

GOP Chairman 'Shocked' That Obama Parody Sent Out

Humor? They have none.

WMD Strikes “Highly or Less” Likely over the next five years?

"An intelligence assessment, the “Internal Homeland Security Threat Assessment for the years 2008-2013, obtained by the Associated Press projected several “dramatic” developments."


Israel At 'War to the Bitter End,' Strikes Key Hamas Sites

"We have stretched our hand in peace many times to the Palestinian people. We have nothing against the people of Gaza," Ehud Barak said to a special session of parliament. "But this is an all-out war against Hamas and its branches. The restraint that we have demonstrated is the source of our strength when it is time to fight."


In history

* 1845, six months after the congress of the Republic of Texas accepts
U.S. annexation of the territory, Texas is admitted into the United
States as the 28th state
* 1908, Otto Zachow and William Besserdich of Clintonville, Wisconsin,
received a patent for their four-wheel braking system, the prototype of
all modern braking systems
* 1940, London suffers its most devastating air raid when Germans
firebomb the city. Hundreds of fires caused by the exploding bombs
engulfed areas of London, but firefighters showed a valiant indifference
to the bombs falling around them and saved much of the city from
destruction. The next day, a newspaper photo of St. Paul's Cathedral
standing undamaged amid the smoke and flames seemed to symbolize the
capital's unconquerable spirit during the Battle of Britain
* 1998, two top Khmer Rouge leaders apologized for the deaths of as many
as two million people during their regime in the 1970s, and asked
Cambodians to forget the past

Last Trip to Guantanamo

"The Pentagon is inviting journalists to tour the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay one last time. Click here to read more."


Twas the Night

"A dog runs in a vineyard of Vinalopo grapes, which are bagged on the vine, in Novelda, eastern Spain. Spaniards eat 12 Vinalopo grapes as midnight strikes on New Year's Eve to bring good luck."

Media vacation time

No surprise, years top story, SHOEs TOSSED AT BUSH

The rise of the airheads

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Don't blame me, this guy did it

I know, put a burka on it

Todays best burka

^-----Click the dot

"15inch Howitzer "Granny" on the Menin road 1917- WW1"

Dinner! Tastes like chicken,

and then a nice pair of shoes tomorrow.


One little bump in the road

Amateur crimefighters are surging in the US

"For Mr Invisible, the first and last blow to his burgeoning career as a superhero was an unexpected punch that flattened his nose.

“After months of designing my costume, getting my street moves just right, it was my first week out as a Real Life Superhero – and probably my last. This tiny, tiny girl did not like me trying to calm down her screaming boyfriend. She blindsided me, I’m still bruised. It’s dangerous out there,” said the deflated would-be crime fighter last week.

Mr Invisible is cheered that at least his grey one-piece “invisibility suit” works, proven when a drunk urinated on him in an alley. But he is weary of lurking in dark, down-town Los Angeles after dark."


The Making of Hollywood

The Making of Hollywood - More amazing videos are a click away

The WAM-V Proteus

The WAM-V Proteus - A funny movie is a click away

Wal-Mart hatred

Part 2

Flight 93 Families Ask Bush to OK Land Seizure for Memorial

"PHILADELPHIA — Relatives of those who died aboard United Airlines Flight 93 want the Bush Administration to seize the land needed for a memorial where the plane crashed in Shanksville, Pa., in the 9/11 terrorist attacks."


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Age-ratings plan for websites

Websites could be given cinema-style age-ratings, Andy Burnham warned

"Websites could be given cinema-style age-ratings under plans by the Government to limit access to "unacceptable" material, Culture Secretary Andy Burnham warned."

"In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Burnham said "clearer standards" were needed as to what could be displayed online.

He said it was his "absolutely categorical" view that there was material on the web - including beheadings - which should not be available to anyone."


How lucky can one be?

Operation Herrick

"British CH47 Chinooks in Afghanistan, summer 2006."

Drunk Santa

The Depression is Going to be Awesome

Chow Down

"Spc. Joel Wright serves himself shrimp to top-off his Christmas dinner at a joint security station in the Istiqlal Qada, Dec. 25, 2008. Photo by Staff Sgt. J.B. Jaco III, 4th Infantry Division Public Affairs."

Taliban Soldier Song


Viva la Vida

Israel: The Time To Fight Has Come!

Recorded: 27 December 2008

Iran and Hamas do Christmas By Caroline B. Glick

"Both Iran and its Hamas proxy in Gaza have been busy this Christmas week showing Christendom just what they think of it. But no one seemed to have noticed.

On Tuesday Hamas legislators marked the Christmas season by passing a Sharia criminal code for the Palestinian Authority. Among other things, the code legalizes crucifixion.

Hamas's endorsement of nailing enemies of Islam to crosses came at the same time as it renewed its jihad. Here too, Hamas wanted to make sure that Christians weren't neglected as its fighters launched missiles at Jewish day care centers and schools. So on Wednesday Hamas lobbed a mortar at Erez crossing point into Israel just as a group of Gazan Christians were standing on line waiting to travel to Bethlehem for Christmas."


Israeli Strikes Hit Gaza

Dec. 27: "An explosion is seen during an Israeli missile strike in the northern Gaza Strip on the border with Israel."

Not good start to day

We'll abduct female soldier

"Palestinian threats: An Israeli invasion of Gaza would draw a harsh Palestinian response, including the kidnapping of more Israeli soldiers, a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees warned Friday.

Specifically, the group would aim to kidnap a female soldier, the PRC's Abu Abir told the Nazareth-based Arb al-Dahel."


Friday, December 26, 2008

I may have had a few too many, nite.


How to pick-up women??

Jihad by the Shoe: Who was behind it and why?

"As I observed the immediate aftermath of the shoe throwing incident in Baghdad, I noted that the most striking effect occurred among the Western public, and particularly within the United States. Commentators and regular citizens were asking themselves again, seven years later, “why do they hate us?” missing one more time the fact that this particular violent expression, far from being a unique emotional reaction by one individual, is part of a war of ideas; it is a continuous organized confrontation over the future of the region. In short, this was another form of Jihadism, one I am coining now as a Jihad by the Shoe (Jihad bil Hizaa). Here is why."

By Walid Phares , more

In history

1941, Winston Churchill became the first British prime minister to
address a joint meeting of the United States Congress, warning that Axis
would "stop at nothing"
1947, heavy snow blanketed the Northeast, burying New York City under
26.4 inches of snow in 16 hours; the severe weather was blamed for some
80 deaths
1988, crash investigators uncover wreckage which may hold the key to
the Lockerbie air disaster
1990, Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei affirms that the death sentence on
writer Salman Rushdie for alleged blasphemy will remain in force
1991, Jack Ruby's gun sells for $220,000 in auction

Where they going to grow the stuff

see below

Replacing those ugly oil rigs?

This Little Light

"Servicemembers at Victory Base Complex attend the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at Al Faw Palace, Baghdad, Dec. 24, 2008. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Eric J. Glassey. "