Friday, December 26, 2008

Jihad by the Shoe: Who was behind it and why?

"As I observed the immediate aftermath of the shoe throwing incident in Baghdad, I noted that the most striking effect occurred among the Western public, and particularly within the United States. Commentators and regular citizens were asking themselves again, seven years later, “why do they hate us?” missing one more time the fact that this particular violent expression, far from being a unique emotional reaction by one individual, is part of a war of ideas; it is a continuous organized confrontation over the future of the region. In short, this was another form of Jihadism, one I am coining now as a Jihad by the Shoe (Jihad bil Hizaa). Here is why."

By Walid Phares , more


Anonymous said...

these shoe throwing games are too funny

Anonymous said...

Walid Phares' arcitle is great. The Jihad by the shoe is a powerful concept..