Sunday, December 26, 2010

"A Plague of Blowhards"

By Carol Peracchio

"So these little blowhards grow up to work in jobs where they can do what they do best -- talk. They become salespeople, consultants, broadcasters and politicians. They can, of course, be found in other professions, but most blowhards are happiest when they can spend all their waking hours listening to the sweetest sound they know: their own voices.

How does one spot a blowhard? Besides the non-stop pontificating, there are some telltale signs. First, a blowhard never listens. Second, a blowhard is never wrong. Third, a blowhard knows everything.

Among average people, blowhards are not very popular. They walk into a party and the whole room murmurs, "Aw jeez, who invited him?""

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