Friday, January 30, 2009

Nick "Pop" Popaditch on Red Eye

"Ret. USMC Gunnery Sgt., Nick Popaditch was on Red Eye last night, and he talked about his book and website, "Once a Marine" ( Gunny Pop is a true hero, enlisting in the Marines in 1986. He's got a powerful story to tell, and I was so pleased to see him on as a guest last night."


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Anonymous said...

I am this guy's number one fan (not a kook, just a proud American who wants to elevate our heros).

I had the pleasure of meeting Gunny Pop at a Borders book signing. He is indeed a giant--quiet, humble, smiling, and by the way--almost completely blind. His left eye only has 8 percent vision (it was blown into his sinus cavity and his other was blown out). There is footage of his wounding and nearly bleeding to death at

This guy deserves to be on TV and everywhere. Please, everyone, call your local stations, call Fox, call CNN, call Slate, call Hannity, call Hugh Hewitt (Hewitt showed some interest so calls and emails to him might help He deserves to be everywhere.

And read Gunny's book. Buy it as a gift. Buy 10 as gifts. It is uplifting, and a study in character and dignity. My 14 year old son read it, and his entire demeanor--changed.

Semper Fi, Gunny. God bless you.

Let's do this, ok?